Bisexual Swingers – Bisexual Swingers Parties

2 bisexual males threesomeBisexual Swingers and especially bisexual males seem to have more and more options to attend bisexual swingers parties these days.  For many years most bisexual men were kind of in the closet as far as most swingers communities went.  They would list their profiles as straight and then repress their desires at swingers clubs and lifestyle parties so they wouldn’t freak  out other couples and get a reputation within the community as a “bi male”.  As open-minded as the swingers community claimed to be, their has definitely been a stigma associated with male bisexuality in the lifestyle.

There is great news for Bisexual swingers as bisexual swingers parties and communities and forums embracing the idea of male bisexuality in the lifestyle are popping up and rapidly gaining popularity on several of the more progressive and genuine swingers sites.  We are starting to see so many men switching their profile to Bi comfortable, bi curious, and bisexual.  We are also seeing a lot of couples who we always thought the male was straight changing his preference over to indicate some level if bisexual interest.  It seems that there are a lot more bisexual swingers in the lifestyle than most people ever believed.  Because it is becoming so much more common, it is also becoming much more accepted!

Don’t take our word for it though!  The leading bisexual swingers community is also one of the fastest growing authentic swingers websites, and that is a site called Kasidie.  For the last several years, Kasidie has recruited hostesses all over the country for a women’s only party called “Girls Uncorked”  This is a wine and social event held once a month for women only.  These parties have been a great place for bisexual or bi curious women to flirt and get to know each other in a casual and relaxed environment.  Now, they are doing the same thing to support bisexual and bi curious men!  They have started a bisexual male friendly party called Bi The Way in several major cities and are actively recruiting new hosts to hold monthly parties and meet and greets in their homes or at local clubs.  The response and the turnouts have been fantastic and it is interesting to see some of the men who have always identified as straight, stepping out and exploring their fantasies.

If you are a single bisexual male, couple with a bisexual male, bi curious, or just supportive of the bisexual swingers community, then we strongly encourage you to take a look at Kasidie!  If you follow our link, you will get a free trial account on Kasidie, plus a complimentary Elite membership which will allow you access to 100% of the features.  You will be able to read all profiles, and see pictures and most importantly see the most complete list of upcoming swingers parties in your area.


Bisexual Communities and Bi Events

Bisexual Communities and Bi Events are becoming more popular in larger cities as well as on some of the more open-minded online swingers sites, adult dating sites, and even on facebook and twitter.  One such twitter account @biswingers is promoting a community on called “Bitheway” which openly hosts events and meet and greets targeted towards bisexual men bi curious males and the people who support and are turned on by them.  This Bisexual community already has 1185 members and they are opening new “chapters” with usually a bisexual male or couple with a bisexual male as the groups host.  The Bi The Way group has monthly meet and greets and even bisexual swingers parties in the hosts home or sometimes in a local swingers club, or even in a hotel.

The UK has celebrated Bi Visibility day every year since 1999 as a way to highlight biphobia and provide a way for bi and bi curious people to connect with the bisexual community.   They get huge turnouts of bisexual and bi friendly patrons at various locations throughout England.  They also produce a great magazine in the UK called the Bi Community News that really has great articles for the bisexual community!

A good resource for the LGBT community in the USA is Betty’s List which provides news and events for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgendered communities.  The focus is kind of on the Bay area but there are all kinds of benefits and events supporting the community.  On the other side of the country is a group called BiFi Hot spot Events out of NYC that hosts Bisexual events in the Big Apple.

As far as finding a bisexual swingers group, bi couples, or bi curious males, our best recommendation at this point is the Bi The Way community on  The vibe on Kasidie seems to be very open towards bisexual males with quite a few profiles that have the male listed as Bisexual, bi curious, or bi comfortable.  Their doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to the same stigma that you often times see at some of the other sites.

Bisexual Swingers

Bisexual Swingers, Bisexual swingers parties, bisexual menBisexual Swingers are said to have the best of both worlds because they have twice as many options, and Bisexual men, bisexual couples, or bi curious guys are becoming more and more common in the swingers lifestyle.  Bisexual women have always been a very big part of the swingers community and have not only been accepted, but in most cases highly sought after.  Many couples first venture into a swingers club or join a swingers site because the wife is bi curious or bisexual and wants the touch, the kiss, and the experience of being with another woman.  Likewise, many of the husbands, or boyfriends biggest fantasy, is to see his wife with another woman, and many times join in on the fun as well for an all out threesome.

Traditionally, bisexual men were not very common in most swingers groups and often times were judged or looked down on.  This bias is still true in many swingers communities and on quite a few online swingers sites.  Fortunately, there are some online swingers communities that have begun to embrace bisexual swingers and bisexual men, and have even begun to host bisexual friendly meet and greets, and bisexual swingers parties.  More and more men are opening up about their bisexual fantasies, and there are more and more bisexual couples that are seeking out bisexual men for MFM threesomes.

When you create your profile on one of these bisexual friendly swingers sites, you can list yourself as openly bisexual, bi curious, or on some of them, bi comfortable.  If you do list yourself as a bisexual man, don’t be surprised if you get messages from couples where the male lists himself as straight, but they are interested in getting together with you.  There are still a lot of single men and couples who are not comfortable listing themselves as bisexual, but that really does seem to be changing.  There are definitely still couples that will rule out play with a man who lists himself as bisexual, but there are also many couples, and even single women who will actively seek out a bisexual male.